How to Display Hyperlinked Text Using ACF’s Link Field in WordPress

How to Display Hyperlinked Text Using ACF's Link Field in WordPress

Understanding the Issue The ACF plugin allows you to add custom fields to your WordPress site. One useful field is the ‘Link’ field, which can return an array containing both the URL and the link text. However, you may want to show only the text hyperlinked with the URL without displaying the actual URL. The … Read more

How to Setup Bing Webmaster Tool for Your Site – A Tutorial

how to use the bing webmaster tool

Are you a webmaster looking to understand and improve your website’s visibility on search engine result pages? Bing Webmaster Tool could be a great help. Bing Webmaster Tool is a suite of tools and services that help webmasters better understand how Bing crawls and indexes their websites. This can be beneficial in optimizing a website … Read more

What are CMS and The benefits of using a content management system like WordPress to manage your website?

wordpress content management system CMS

A content management system, or CMS for short, is an application designed to help users create, manage and efficiently modify digital content. Content management systems allow users to easily upload photos, videos, and written content and permit multiple individuals to collaborate on a single project or piece of content if desired. The biggest benefit of … Read more

Malicious plugins found on 25,000 WordPress sites

Malicious plugin found on website

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found that 25 thousand WordPress websites are infected with malicious plugins. With the help of YODA, researchers found 47 thousand malicious plugins across 24931 unique WordPress sites. Every website in their dataset had two or more infected plugins, with 94% being active at a time. With the … Read more