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Google’s algorithm loves that your website loads instantly, to the users, more. The fast loading of a website has become one of the most relevant factors for SEO and conversions. It is a direct factor responsible for the user experience. Here wpgeared presenting industry’s best WordPress Speed Optimization Service for guaranteed results. 

Why it is important?

It is one of the factors that Google considers when it comes to natural positioning in the search engine. It is also an element that is part of the Quality Score, the quality score awarded by Google to the page.

Improves the user experience: understood as all those factors linked to the interaction of a user that affect their perception, in this case, of the web. It deals with elements such as the user’s emotional behaviour while browsing. A slow loading web influences the experience and the sensations negatively and will drive away from the conversion we expect. Besides, a negative experience increases the abandonment of the site and increases the bounce rate, another factor that influences SEO.

Google has indicated site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Read More...


A slow page load is penalized by the search engines and has an impact on your ranking. Read More...


40 percent of users are likely to abandon a site if it doesn't load within three seconds or less. Read More...


Website Loading Speed affects SEO and Rankings. Therefore it is necessary to optimize your site for better results and performance. Check your website/blog loading speed with dedicated online tools or Connect with us for WordPress Speed Optimization Service.

A complete tool that analyzes in depth the web and creates detailed reports about the origin of the problems. It detects the bad configurations of the server and shows which are the external script that slows down the web with the suggestion to work on.

A tool that provides a diagnosis of the overall performance of the web and shows a speed test. Determines which elements of the page are the slowest to load. Monitor sites and servers on the Internet and alert if problems are detected.

Manages web performance with functions beyond speed, such as monitoring, analysis, and benchmarking. Check over 100 improvement practices mention the common errors in the website with a comprehensive audit report on the performance.

Why my website is Slow?

There are many factors that affect the loading speed of a website. Know some of the most common and avoid the factors that influence the speed of loading a web.

Hosting: Cheap hosting can give you problems. Your website will share space and resources with dozens of other sites, and when you need more capacity, you will find limitations and slow down the speed.

Plugins: The massive installation of plugins is counterproductive because it consumes more resources. The more plugins there are, the more information Google bots have to read.

Images: Images and non-optimized multimedia content can overload your website and make it bulky. A home page with a high definition video without adapting it will affect web performance. It seeks to compress images without losing quality.

Uncompressed scripts web code: Minification simplifies the code by eliminating line breaks, unnecessary spaces, indentations, etc. This facilitates reading and speeds of reading to Google.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Don’t worry we are here to help you with the site loading speed. We optimize WordPress websites to improve loading speed and site performance. Our team of experts performed 150+ WordPress Speed optimization on different hostings for different regions. Our First priority is to deliver quality content to our clients. Therefore, for Speed optimization we do not charge any upfront fee. You will PAY AFTER RESULTS. Yes with us you will be totally secure with the payment as we do not charge anything without providing you results. Check out what our clients has to say.

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Happy Clients and Counting

Josee Perron
Josee Perron
Travel Blogger
Read More
Amazing job! They were super kind, quick and did an amazing job optimizing my blog. While he was working on my stuff, he checked-in a few times to check my preferences about certain things. I would 100% recommend them. I'm sure I'll work with them again!
wordpress speed optimization
Jane Saunders
Jane Saunders
Food Blogger
Read More
Aamir worked incredibly hard to help me get my site speed improved. He is knowledgable, polite, quick and keen to deliver the best service he can. I would definitely recommend him.
Before Speed Optimization
After Speed Optimization
Sarah Gallo
Sarah Gallo
The Five Foot Traveler
Read More
"Amir has absolutely blown me away from the moment he started working on my site! I gave him a difficult project (with over 4,800 pictures to be optimized) and he tackled it thoroughly and successfully. He managed to cut my page speed down by 2/3 ... which is amazing! Not only that, but he went above and beyond by implementing everything he could to increase my page speed — we swapped out plugins, optimized photos, and even looked at the actual code of my site to see where we could do better. On top of that, he was always prompt and quick to answer questions/solve problems too! I had originally wanted to tackle this project on my own, but after seeing the work that Amir put in, I realized that there’s no way that I ever would have succeeded. I’m absolutely thrilled with the work that Amir has done! I give him my highest recommendations, really"
Nicole Haentjens Wall
Nicole Haentjens Wall
Read More
"Aamir Faiz from WPGeared was a great help in increasing the speed of my site. He offered very valuable advice and was able to point out other issues that I needed to address in order to make my site more visible on search engines. I would recommend his services".
Jennifer Ryder Joslin
Jennifer Ryder Joslin
Two Can Travel
Read More
"If you are looking for help to improve your site speed I would highly recommend working with Aamir. He was professional, efficient, and exceeded our expectations with his help. Before working with Aamir, we had been putting off trying to optimize our site speed because we aren't very tech savvy and it felt like an intimidating task. Aamir managed to improve our metrix where it matters and cut our site speed in half in just a couple of days. He answered my many many questions along the way and I now have a better understanding of what we can do going forward. He even continued to make improvements and answer our questions after we paid him. We are already seeing growth in our Google Analytics and are so happy with the results. If you want to improve your site speed don't put it off like we did and make it a priority now."
Sarah Lortz
Sarah Lortz
Rockstar Reviews
Read More
"WPGeared Helped me out to improve my website speed and performance. Before that i scratched my head in search of some good Service to speed up my website. But i found wpgeared to do that for me in less than 24hrs." Thank you WPGeared WordPress Speed Optimization Service.

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Core Web Vitals & Speed Optimization Services - $350 USD Speed up your WordPress website, Pass core web vitals and improve user experience.
WordPress Website Theme Customization - $450 USD We will customize a theme that you choose.
Custom Designed Website - $1500 USD A Fully custom designed website the way you want. Speed and Technical SEO Optimized.
WordPress Website Technical Support - $55/Hr We will help you with small technical issues.
WordPress Website Technical SEO Audit - $250 USD There are a lot of issues related to the technical side of your website's SEO. We find those issues and fix them so that your website perform better.
WordPress Website Security Services for 1Year - $250 USD We will secure your website, clean malware, stop attacks and hackers for 1 Year.
Website Migration Services - $150 We manually migrate website by taking extra care of your website. We perform cleanup, database optimisation, malware check and backups before migrating your website to a new host.


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