Top 5 WordPress Shared Hosting – No Affiliates, Based on Experience.

A shared hosting platform allows multiple websites to utilize a single server. Generally, you’ll have no idea who or what websites you’re sharing the resources of a server with. In this article, we will be going to talk about the best 5 shared hosting. This is based on the experience I had with the hosting I worked on for clients. You will gonna see it different from others but I am not affiliated with any of these and sharing the best of what I could.

When people are looking to build websites, most of them are enticed by the idea of free web hosting. This is where, as the name suggests, you do not incur any costs in hosting your website. This is one of the notable differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. With these free plans, the hosting company earns money off your website by placing advertisements on it, where you do not share in the ad revenues.

The only advantage that you accrue from running a free website is the cost-effectiveness since you do not have to incur any costs to have it running. By simply signing up, you get an open space on the server and a free sub-domain name that helps you access the website from wherever you are across the globe.

On the other side of free hosting is a tonne of disadvantages that make the hosting subscription cost forgone not worth it. To name just but a few of them, advertising with a free hosted website is a crisis. Advertisements are placed on your website without your consent. Bearing in mind that you do not get to be a part of the revenue sharing, your brand could also get ruined in the process if you are a commercial website owner. For example, you could be having a real estate website, and then mental health awareness advertisement could be placed on your website. When visitors land on your page, such advertisements leave them confused about what your website is all about.

With a free hosted site, you do not get the main domain; instead, you get a sub-domain name. You have probably seen people with a website name like XYZ.wordpress.com. If you want to have a completely different name that does not indicate the name of the platform your website is on, then hosting your website is a great option.

On a free site, the number of traffic to your site is limited. A free site cannot exceed a specific preset bandwidth, and if it does, the hosting company terminates the hosting services, thus forcing you to purchase hosting services from a third-party provider.

Having looked at the disadvantages of having a free site, we could tell you endless reasons why self-hosting your website will come in handy before touring you around the market for the five best-shared hostings that you should go with.

Hosting your website gives you complete liberty. You have a hundred per cent control over what happens on your site. From managing your site’s space, and everything else that you hope will make your website everything that you want it to be for your customers. Also, no one binds you in a contract on what content you put out, as long as you are not putting out illegal content. With a free site, the hosting service can close your site whenever they feel like your site does not comply with their preset terms and conditions. When it comes to upgrading your server, that is entirely up to you when you have a self-hosted site.

With shared hosting services, you get them at very affordable rates. Choosing shared hosting costs you lesser than other expensive plans, and you can have many opportunities for earning more space almost free. Hosting companies over time have become so many, and thus, due to the stiff competition that the companies face, you get quality services at a very pocket-friendly price.

BlueHost – No, it’s not even on my list. Bluehost could be an okay option if you are just starting a blog. You can go with Bluehost to learn a lot of things about blogging, but for the long term, I never recommend Bluehost to anyone. There are many reasons for that and a few of them are –

  1. I migrated more than 100+ struggling blogs from Bluehost to something better.
  2. Their customer support is very bad, sometimes they do not know what they are talking about.
  3. Their outdated software and scripts.
  4. BlueHost easily gets hacked. Not sure if they do it to sell their malware cleaning services to their clients, but I encountered many suspicious activities from their side.

Godaddy – Good for nothing. you can still buy domains from them.

You may be thinking that why I have started this post with the negative reviews. The reason is simple when you Google something like “Best Hosting Provider” or “Top hosting services”, you’ll see a lot of posts recommending those shitty hosting providers. But the truth is that they are promoting these host for maximum commissions they get by recommending them to bloggers, Bluehost provides the highest commission to their affiliates. Nahhhh!! I didn’t even apply for it.

I want you to take out these 2 names from your mind.

Best Shared Hosting Providers

Confused! Why choose WordPress? Understand WordPress and why it’s a good platform for your website. 


Bigscoot is a web hosting company that offers you more than the servers that allow people to access your website from all over the world. In addition to that, they provide technical support in optimal response times compare to their competitors.

Bigscoot is popular because of the optimal speeds that their sites get. This hosting service is meant for all website owners, whether you are just starting and have little traffic, or you have high traffic and need a lot of storage space and bandwidth.

Whether it is your first time hosting a website or you are looking to migrate yours from your current hosting providers due to issues such as security, malware, site speed issues, Bigscoot will be an excellent choice for you. For the new users, they have a professional technical support team that helps you get your feet off the ground. And if you are looking to migrate your site, Bigscoot offers free migration services

BigScoots has been a popular WordPress hosting platform for numerous bloggers and writers. Why? Just a simple reason. Its affordable prices, its simple features and performance speed.

Also, one of the few web hosts officially recommended by wordpress.org. Some of its unique features are free domain registration, free site builder and unlimited bandwidth and storage with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can get started with bigscoot by following five straightforward steps.

  1. Pick your hosting plan; Bigscoot has three options, the shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. Depending on your storage and bandwidth needs, you can quickly determine the program you want to go with. Also, checking the plan you previously had with your other hosting company would help you decide only if you are migrating. Usually, for starters, the shared hosting plan is better and then gradually increases as you grow your traffic and website.
  2. Determine your contract length. This is the amount of time that you want to purchase the hosting services. Usually, they have a monthly, annual, bi-annual, and tri-annual plan. Depending on your goals and budget, you can pick the length. Also, if you want to continue having your website live after the contract length expires, you have to keep renewing the plan.
  3. Register or migrate a domain; a domain name is your offline address. It should be a unique name, and Bigscoots has a tool that helps you check the availability of the domain name, and once you confirm availability, you can register the domain from their website.
  4. Install your content management system. Usually, WordPress is the most recommended one.
  5. Begin customizing your website; adding themes, plugins, and content is part of the customizing process, setting the website running.

Check Bigscoots Packages.


Whether you run a small business, a startup, an enterprise client, or a blogger, siteground is a great hosting option. They offer value by offering high-quality hosting services, customized solutions for their clients, advanced security, and affordable pricing.

With most hosting service providers, traffic spikes would mean that you change the hosting plan that you purchased. With Siteground, a growing business can opt for fast cloud hosting that auto-scales, therefore automatically handling any rise in the site’s traffic. As a WordPress user, the siteground allows you to get plugins and your core updated regularly. Siteground is optimized for the WordPress CMS.

With the siteground, you get tailor-made hosting plans for speed and security, and you also get additional features such as daily backups and restoration. They offer 24/7 professional support for their client, and the best thing is, you can get a 30-days money-back guarantee once you purchase a plan. They have plans that begin with as low as $3.95 per month.

Having a hosting company that guarantees you at least 99% uptime is worth every coin spent on hosting. Having server downtime on your website can harm your business by losing potential clients and losing the faith of your current clients and, at times, that hurts your SEO ranking.  Siteground guarantees you an uptime of 99%, thus making it a great option.

Siteground, unlike other hosting companies that perform web tracking in intervals, has real-time monitoring. This ensures that any technical breakage is detected and fixed faster, thus reducing downtime.

A popular hosting service recommended by the wordpress.org community is SiteGround.  With a network of 800,000 domain names around the world. Their Headquarters have been located in Bulgaria with servers across the world.

SiteGround is one of the few hosting Platforms where the user can change the data centre locations. Their other features include free WordPress site transfers and image optimization making your WordPress site more dynamic.

Check Siteground Packages

WPX Hosting

When you are starting a website or setting up a blog, your website’s speed time will determine whether you reap any success online. That is why WPX hosting offers less than three seconds of loading time for your site. That’s not all to it.

As a part of their hosting service, they offer you daily backup for your website at no extra fee. Also, as a means of enhancing security for your data, they store your file on a separate server for fourteen days, and you can retrieve the files for free should anything go wrong on your site. You can also opt to use your backup solutions, such as plugins.

Sometimes, you could be having your website hosted elsewhere with other hosting service providers but wish to migrate it due to speed and other issues. While there are plugins that help you migrate, the process isn’t always straightforward. WPX hosting offers free migration services, and the whole process is usually complete within 24 hours.

Managing your website from the WPX dashboard is easy and straightforward. Whether it is your first time installing WordPress on WPX, or you want an easy way to manage emails and your website, their dashboard allows you to do all that by navigating the dashboard using buttons.

All the WPX plans have emails included. This allows you to customize your email to resemble the name of your website. Overall, this is a perfect way to create a brand for your online presence. Last and not least, what beats good customer service in purchasing hosting services? WPX has a 24/7 live text service, and also they offer help desk services in case you get stuck.

Check WPX Packages.


Namehero shared hosting is a perfect solution for individuals and small businesses looking to host their websites. Namehero has excellent customer service. Also, they run a Facebook page and a blog that keeps their clients updated on everything that is happening and any new changes. Through their contact forms, you can get any form of help that you might be looking for when hosting your website. Customers can access multiple tutorials on their blogs and knowledge base to help them run their websites seamlessly.

When billing for your hosting services, you can use popular payment methods such as credit cards and Paypal. Their plans vary from monthly to three years in advance. Also, during your hosting service renewal, your payment may increase depending on your website’s growth in terms of traffic.

Namehero, just like the name suggests, is a hero when it comes to hosting. It has a Litespeed web server that is up to ten times faster than Apache, which most of the hosting companies use. They have features and tools that are designed to guarantee your online success without upselling you.

NameHero has different option plans that you can opt for depending on the size of your online business. When you outgrow your current sharing option, they have multiple other options that you can go for to fit your traffic flow.

A superpower plan that NameHero offers to its clients is reseller hosting. This is an excellent option for someone that is considering starting their own hosting business. This is enabled by their super high-speed cloud, allowing you to offer your clients 100% white labelled hosting and offering you all the tools you will need to succeed in your hosting business.

With the reseller plan, which you purchase in either gold, platinum, or diamond packages, it comes with a WHMCS starter license and Cloudflare Railgun, ensuring that your clients’ websites are loading with speed. Regardless of the amount of technical knowledge that you have accumulated, it is easy to install your CMS and get your website running.

Check NameHero Packages.


Namecheap is an excellent option for hosting if you are looking to establish your online presence. First, if you are tired or want to try another provider out, don’t fret about migration. From start to finish, NameCheap will help you migrate free of charge and fast.

You do not have to drain your bank balances to acquire hosting services. The prices are pocket friendly, and in most cases, it’s like half the price you pay in many of the other hosting companies. Namecheap has 24/7 customer support that is on standby, ready to help via live chat.

The shared hosting comes with a free SSL certificate, though nowadays they are mandatory, Namecheap will walk with you all the way. All shared hosting plans come with 50 free PositiveSSL certificates for one year, which is set automatically.

Deploying WordPress on NameCheap is fast using their Softaculous app installer. This app also makes updating and maintaining your open-source applications easy.NameCheap has a cPanel that is considered the best worldwide; this helps you control your website using your browser.

NameCheap allows you to customize and gives you an upper hand in branding your business. They give you a personalized email that is domain-based to help you in all your communications. With this, you can add email accounts, enable auto-responses, create mailing lists and aliases.

NameCheap also has spam experts that help to protect against any email threats or viruses. Finally, depending on your budget, your business’s dynamics, and individual needs in hosting services, you can pick from either of the above hosting services providers.

Check Namecheap Packages

How to choose from various shared hosting platforms

Step 1: Know What You Need

Before you choose your plan and platform, decide the kind of site, the resources required, its viewership.

To state this step in simple terms, find fully managed solutions that offer easy upgrades and affordable prices.

Step 2: Compare Shared Hosting Plan Features

The trickiest part of choosing a shared hosting platform is its features. Do you get unlimited bandwidth? How many domains can your plan host? Will it include free email?

To decide this step, first try to compare a list of features from several different web hosts to identify items they have in common (e.g., number of domains, email addresses, disk space, bandwidth, etc.). Establish common and unique features.

Some of these may be better than others. Focus on the value of these features rather than the quantity. If you get confused over these features, search the web for someone who has experience.

Step 3: Carefully Study Hosting Prices

Study Hosting price of different platforms along with features. Some may offer more features at a much less cost.

Additionally, you should also pay attention to renewal cost, as they seem to charge higher than the initial cost paid while registering.

Step 4: Find Shared Hosting with an Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Most platforms provide their control panel you might need to manage the sight. While some may be user friendly, others are static. SO choose very carefully after knowing how easily you might be able to manage your site on that platform.

5. Reputation

Consider the reputation of the platform you decide to choose. Check reviews and look for companies that consistently rate highly. This will generally ensure your experience runs smoothly.

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