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About SEO Again


Market Research

Niche Research

Keyword Research

  • Use Free Tools: Keywords Everywhere, Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends and Uber Suggest.
  • Use Paid Tools: Keywords Revealer,

Competitor Research

  • List Top 10 Competitors on SERPs for Keywords.
  • Get Competitors Link Profiles and Sources.

Webmaster Tools

  • Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Check if the sitemap Submitted Already.
  • Check for crawl errors.
  • Check for Penalties.
  • Check for Broken Links.
  • Check for HTML Improvements.
  • Submit site to Bing Webmaster.

Data Gathering

  • Current Position of the site against its competitors.
  • Complete Business Information.
  • Crawl the site for errors with the Professional Tools Like Screaming Frog.
  • Audit Existing Backlinks.
  • Activate analytics to check current traffic.


General things to look after

  • Add XML Sitemaps.
  • Add Navigation (add menus, use breadcrumbs).
  • Check for canonicals.
  • Add Robots.txt file.
  • Add no-index to thin pages(tags/categories).
  • Add Meta Tags.
  • Fix issues Highlighted in Webmaster.
  • Add keyword into H1 headings.
  • Make sure to have only 1 H1 tag.
  • Use Long Tails keywords
  • Add Description having keyword in it.
  • Add Alt-Text to each Image on the page.


  • Check for Duplicate Content.
  • Review visual design.
  • Use multimedia files.
  • Optimize media size.
  • Add tags to media.
  • Schema.
  • Keywords.
  • LSI Keywords.
  • Silo- put content in right categories.
  • Publish Pages like Privay Policy, Terms & Conditions, About Us, Contact Us.
  • Internal Linking.
  • Outbound Links.
  • Up-to-date Content.
  • Monitor Bounce Rate.


  • Check Mobile Friendliness, Responsive Design or Mobile Website.
  • Check Multi Browser Friendliness.
  • Check Page Loading Speed using Gtmetrix or pingdom tools.
  • Use good Hosting
  • Use Content Delivery Network CDN.
  • Use Compressed Images.
  • Use Caching tools.
  • Check google pagespeed insight for further improvements.
  • Externalize Codes(CSS).


  • Incorporae Primary Keywords.
  • Use absolute URLs.
  • Simplify dynamic URLs.
  • Use 301 redirects for re-written urls.
  • Use SSL Certificates.


  • Test Site for Current Schema.
  • Add Markup for Possible Schema such as Logo, Articles.
  • Use Schema Pro Plugin for WordPress.


General things to follow

  • Setup Alerts for your Brand.
  • Find unlinked URLs and Brand Mentions.
  • Do a link Intersect between your competitiors for priority links.
  • Use Competitors Research data to get links.
  • Check your content and see which is ranking, find competing sites for that and get their links.
  • Create Social Media Profiles.
  • Be on Pinterest and Join relevant group boards.
  • Do broken link Building.
  • Do Expert Roundups.
  • Guest Postings on influencer websites.
  • Blog Commenting on Relevent blogs for building relationships.
  • Look for quote directories.
  • Get on site that offer awards.
  • Get on Institution websites.
  • Contribute to newsletters.
  • Submit your site to Curating platforms such as Flipboard,
  • Create business profile on LinkedIN.
  • Do Guest Podcasting.
  • Try to get on big publisher websites.
  • Get on Community websites such as Kingged.
  • Comment on Relevant forum posts.
  • Get on reddit.
  • Search for the sites using your images and ask them to link you back.
  • Submit to slideshare.
  • Find Crowd funding sources that provide links.


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