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Heard a lot about WordPress.org that is also known as Self-Hosted WordPress, right? WordPress.org is one of the most powerful blogging platform. About 27% of the internet is powered by WordPress which means around 172 millions of websites using WordPress as their Content Management System.

Ready to Learn WordPress

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""I highly recommend choosing a self-hosted website with Siteground and WordPress .org for your blog. It’s the best way to customize, monetize, and grow your blogging business. You can start on another platform, but you will eventually outgrow them and have to deal with the hassle of switching and losing your website design."​"
"WordPress.org is not the only way you can set up a blog but it is a very popular one – in fact, it’s estimated that 20% of sites on the internet use WordPress! This is because it is simple to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. I use WordPress for all of my sites and they all look quite different and do different things."
"WordPress.org allows you the freedom and creativity to customize your own website or blog according to what you want and need. Although you would need to do more of the work yourself to host and manage your own server, more flexibility, more power. WordPress.org is like owning your home."
Ready to Learn WordPress
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Ready to Learn WordPress
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Ready to Learn WordPress
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Ready to Learn WordPress
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Ready to Learn WordPress
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Ready to Learn WordPress
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