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Hello Everyone, I hope you all are doing well during this Pandemic. Please stay safe as this time the situation is worst than before. India is going through the second wave of this pandemic.

You all may know me and if not then here’s a quick brief about me – I am Aamir Faiz, A full-time developer. I am designing and developing websites for 2-3 years.

Apart from my professional life, I also work as a social worker on small scale. I have a team of Volunteers and others known as team Haqooq-ul-ibaad.

Check out this article published by Karletta Marie, Thank you Karletta.

India Needs your Support

We started our work a year back when all this started. We arranged funds from our savings to provide food to the people who earn daily wages and as of sudden lockdown implemented by the government a lot of them stuck without food and other necessities. It’s been a year now and we are still working on providing the food to the families who need it. We currently have stocked grocery items to provide foods and other necessary items to those who need them.



But this time I need support from you guys for Oxygen.

Yes, Oxygen is Free in the air. People in India dying because of Oxygen shortage, non-availability of ventilators and oxygen beds. I lost many of my knowns just because of the lack of availability of oxygen. And where it is available they are charging a lot more than normal that the middle class and lower class people cannot afford it.

India Needs your Support
India Needs your Support

Don’t get on those headlines that say “we handled this Pandemic”, “ we are full of oxygen”, “there are no issues in India” etc

All those headlines are misleading and they just maintain their fake credibility and face.

Well, I am planning to buy at least 8-10 Oxygen Concentrators so that I can provide them to those who need them and do not have money to get an oxygen bed or go to the hospital.

I will provide these concentrators for FREE.

I will manage the maintenance and other handling charges of these concentrators.

1 Oxygen Concentrator is 55000 INR or 750 USD approx.

10 OC will cost around 550000 INR or 7500 USD.

Update – Due to non-availability a 10L oxygen concentrator is available at 80k – 85k 

We need to place the order and there’s no other way we could get it.

I need your help to support this cause. I assure you that your donated money will save someone’s life and it could help many families to survive this pandemic. You can donate the money directly to me via Transferwise or PayPal.

Transferwise will deduct less fee

PayPal deducts the high fee

But you can donate with whatever is easy and good for you. I will only run this campaign for just the required amount.

I will try to update the page frequently so that you can know How much we collected.

I am not a non-profit organisation therefore I need to pay tax on whatever amount I receive. But I’ll manage it.

Also, if you want to hire me for any services then you can simply book my services from the Homepage. I will donate whatever I earn for the cause. If you need any information or have any queries then drop me a message directly via Facebook. Thank You

India Needs your Support
India Needs your Support

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Fund Generated

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282,387.6 INR


Let you know what’s happening

  • Started this campaign on 01-05-2021
  • Remaining – 523,736 INR
  • We had a discussion with the supplier, Machines will be delivered in around 3-4 working days.
  • We will order the first machine as soon as we arranged the required amount. 
  • Oxygen Concentrator supplier telling that it could take around 7-8 days for the delivery. 
  • Remaining – 518,233 INR
  • Remaining – 508,114 INR
  • Remaining – 489,336 INR
  • I am about to order 1st Oxygen Concentrator.
  • Due to non-availability Oxygen concentrator are available at 80-85k per piece .
  • 1st Oxygen Concentrator Booked.
  • Stopped this campaign because we are finding it difficult to purchase Oxygen Concentrator.
  • Everyone’s money is safe and secure with WPGeared. 
  • Received 10,000 INR
  • Received 200 USD
  • Received 84.12 AUD
  • Received 46.11 AUD
  • Received 141.86 USD
  • Received 50.26 AUD
  • Received 125.80 AUD
  • Received 83.76 AUD
  • Received 84.05 AUD
  • Received 5241.25 INR
  • Received 710.71 USD
  • Received 41.82 AUD
  • Received 910.90 AUD
  • Received 421.52 AUD
  • Received 1800.82 NZD

For any information connect with me via Facebook or email aamir@wpgeared.com