How to Index Backlinks in 2018 {Only Working Method}

A lot of people have been showing Interest in the world of blogging.

Whether women’s living at home or elderly people or children, students of a school or colleges want to draw people’s attention by starting their blog according to their hobbies.

And for a while, there are quite a few people who are leaving their jobs as well and making blogging the best way for their earnings. Becoming Full time Blogger and Choosing it as a career.

And why they should not?

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The digital world has done something that changed the old tactics to an entirely new environment. An environment that entirely depends upon technology. It is easy to study books on mobile or laptop rather than the old way of reading from books. And also one can also find information on anything whenever or wherever.

But in the blogging world, not everyone gets success so quickly.

As well as increasing trends of people in the world of blogging, increased spamming.

Any Blog should Have Reader or Visitors that cannot easily found.

For this, it is essential for your blog to be in the top 10 results in a search engine like Google.

Now the question arises that “how to get into the top ten result?“.

To get into the top ten in results of the google search for a keyword. It is vital for you to optimize your blog or website according to Google Policies.

One of which is

How many other authority sites referred to your website, which we call backlinks in the language of digital marketing?

And it is also necessary to index those backlinks as well.

To index backlinks, Google made a tool that was free so that we can index backlinks through it.

The tool was known as Submit URL.

submit url tool by google

Using Submit URL, any backlink can easily get indexed.

By creating backlinks for their website, people started using Google’s free tools to index their backlink to bring their website into Google’s top 10 searches.

And that leads to Spam!

To prevent this, Google has decided to stop its submitted URL tool immediately.

Now no one can easily index a link to any website by using Google’s free tool.

The website link can now be indexed by the website webmaster only, By using Google Search Console or Submitting Site-map.

But there is still a Hope. You can still index those backlinks using the “Fetch as Google” from Google Webmaster or Search Console Panel.

In this article, We will cover this on “how to index your backlinks”.

Therefore, Without taking your more time. I will Write a Complete Step-by-step Guide on Indexing Backlinks.

How to Index Backlinks, The Only Hope

For this, You will have to Create a New BlogSpot Blog on Blogger, or it will be excellent if you can get some expired blogspot because expired Blogspot index very quickly.

To Get Expired Blogspot You can Reach us at Get Expired Domain Enquiry.

  1. Create a BlogSpot Blog.
  2. Put Meta Description and Title From Settings.
  3. Write a New Post with Some Original Content.
  4. Add the Links you want google to index into the post. [5-6 Links/POST]
  5. Add Some Video from Youtube.
  6. Hit the Publish Button to Publish the Post.

Now You have to Add this Blog to The Search Console.

  1. Go to Settings >> Search Preferences.
    blogspot search console settings
  2. Click on “Edit” that appears just after the term “Google Search Console”.
  3. And Add your Blog to Google Search Console and Click on Continue.Index backlinksFor Any Assistance using webmaster: Contact Us 

Note: Below are the Important Steps to Follow.

  1. From Google Search Console Dashboard Click on “Fetch as Google”.
  2. And Click “Fetch”. Also Put the URL of the Post you have created on Blogspot and again click “Fetch”.
    How to Index Backlinks in 2018 {Only Working Method}
  3. Click on “Request Indexing”.
    backlinks indexer
  4. Confirm reCaptcha and Select “Crawl this URL and its direct links” and Click on GO.

index backlinks

Now Google Will Fetch the Blogspot Blog and It’s Direct URL’s. The URLs That we have Added into the Post. This is How Google Will Index those Links. Create another Post with More Links and Fetch them through google search console using the above method.

This Method is working for us. We hope it also work for everyone who is reading this.

If you want us to Do this on Behalf of you to index your Backlinks You can Contact us using our “Contact us” page.


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