How to do Keyword Research – Short Guide

How to do Keyword Research – Short Guide

Keyword Research is a basic and most important part of SEO, without keyword research you cannot optimize your posts, pages, or website for Search Engines. it’s like trying to get somewhere without knowing the correct path to it, You will be definitely lost. Performing Keyword research is not that tricky than it looks, or it used to be.. Few years Back or at the time when people’s do not bother about the quality content keyword research was harder because of the lack of Tools. but, nowadays it is much easier to do.

Benefits of performing Proper Keyword Research:

  • It can save you time. A website or Blog without proper keyword research can take months or years to get some organic traffic.
  • Targeted Audience: It helps to generate the quality audience that converts.
  • Provides a Plan to Reach the Goals.
  • Deep Analysis over the competition.
  • New Ideas and Keywords to Grow a little More.


Identify Your Landing Pages

Usually, Landing Pages are your Home Page or can be some Internal page you created for landing purpose. Make sure to narrow down your niche.. the best you understand your niche the better you perform keyword research.


Do Rough Keyword Research

Once the Landing page and specific topics have been identified, the next step is brainstorming. Come up with a short list of keywords for each page or Page type. Just relay on your common sense, try to imagine how a real customer might look for your products. As the Result, you will get the List of keywords.

Check Keyword Popularity with Google Keyword Tool or Google Trends

Copy and Paste the list in google keyword planner which is one of the most powerful keyword planning tools that is free. You can also use Keywords Everywhere and Google Trends to Identify the best keywords.

  • It will estimate the average numbers of searches for a month for each keyword. And, you will also get new ideas and keywords add them to the list.

Do Competitor Analysis

This is somewhat difficult to do but it is a very essential step to go through. This will help us to get the best keywords for that we can rank and remove the most competitive keywords out of the list.

  • Google Your Keywords one by one to check what kind of competition you do have. Find the Strong sites and your direct competitors. To perform automatic analysis on each domain use SEOQuake Chrome and Firefox Extension.
  • Check out the top 10 results for each keyword if there are strong enough and old authority sites then discard that keyword and perform the same research for the next one.
  • Check Competitor content if it is on Page SEO Optimized or not.
  • You can also use Keyword Revealer to analyze a keyword difficulty and competition, and that’s what I prefer to use.
  • Add the keywords to a New List that has easy to go Competition, New websites ranking on the first page or low authority sites.

Finalize the List

Check the List again with Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. Throw out the keywords that have low search volume, high competition. You will get a final list of keywords. Use that list put those keywords into your new post, write stunning content on it with on page SEO optimization.

Thanks for Reading our Short but powerful guide on Keyword Research which is definitely a basic part of SEO without Keyword Research SEO cannot be done.