Malicious plugins found on 25,000 WordPress sites

Malicious plugin found on website

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found that 25 thousand WordPress websites are infected with malicious plugins. With the help of YODA, researchers found 47 thousand malicious plugins across 24931 unique WordPress sites. Every website in their dataset had two or more infected plugins, with 94% being active at a time. With the … Read more

DARTIframe.html what it is and How to fix it

Wondering why you keep getting DARTIframe.html not found errors on your website? You’re not alone! Recently, I had been receiving lots of doubleclick for this file-not Found response when visitors clicked through from Google Ad Codes campaigns or organic search results pages with adverts displayed at the top right corner (known as “interspaced advertising”). However … Read more

TOP 10 WordPress Plugins for a successful blogging journey

WordPress plugins are small size software that can be installed on a WordPress site to extend its functionality. There are plugins for virtually everything, from social media integration to security and performance. While some plugins are free, others must be purchased. Independent programmers, not WordPress itself, typically develop WordPress plugins. This means there is no … Read more

Google Analytics 4 – What’s New? How to get started with GA4

Do you know Google analytics will be replaced with Google Analytics 4 in early 2023? As per Google:- “GA4 is a new property designed for the future of measurement.” Do you agree? Let’s Find out more about the new Google Analytics 4. GA4 is the latest release of Google’s powerful web analytics tool. It includes several new … Read more

Ads.txt error! 2 easy methods to solve it

Are you getting ads.txt error notification on your Adsense dashboard, stating that your earnings are at risk? Well, I am getting a lot of queries regarding this. Therefore, I decided to write about it and How to get rid of it. Let’s understand the concept of Ads.txt and How to resolve the ads.txt error. Whats … Read more

How to connect WordPress website with Google Analytics

New to WordPress? Don’t know How to connect WordPress with google analytics then you are at the right place. Watch out the Video to Learn How to Connect your WordPress website or blog with google analytics to analyze and track your traffic. Google analytics helps a lot in understanding your traffic. Where it is coming from, what country people visiting your website, what browser they are using, how many views you are getting from social media platforms. There is a lot to learn about google analytics and you can improve your blog performance according to its report.

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How to use Pinterest for business

If you’re a blogger or online business owner, you need to be on Pinterest. It is the easiest way to get traffic to your blog. SEO? It takes months to see results. Instagram? Hard to get engagement. Facebook is the same story. But Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to getting traffic. WHAT … Read more